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M1530 8600M GT driver suggestion


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Hello, I have been watching the community for some time, but just realized I never registered (for shame).

In a little bit of a conundrum, I have been looking over the forums and can not find a constant answer. I need a driver for my new laptop (after dell borked the original Insp 6000 (shocking keyboard), original M1530 (was not put together in the box), first replacement (100 degrees Celcius Idle CPU temp)). I have a brand new M1530, with a 8600M GT (with the solder fix), but would like to keep the temperatures reasonable. What do people use on their computers for drivers with decent (don't need the fastest, just stable and not a ton of game bugs) performance. I just want to make sure my temps are going to be at a reasonable level. I have a WUXGA (1920x1200) screen also so I am not sure how much that will affect temps. Windows XP 32 bit operating system.

Thank you,


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Hey salty. i used to have an XPS m1530. Have not tried this driver, but it works very well for me

Vista 32 - http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=21223

XP 32 - http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=21222

(this will give you very good performance and will also keep the temp. fine)

-May want to use the 'mobility Modder.net' file to mod the inf file further. [google it]

;This will add support for Blueray and HD-DVD playback if you have this in your system.

you will need to download the driver and the 'modified inf file' then extract the driver to a folder, and put the modified inf file into that same folder. then run setup.exe

** What the modified inf file does is add support for your 8600m Gt as only the 8600 GT was originally supported **



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Another thing to consider is getting a laptop cooler. That is a must for gaming on any laptop as heat is what kills the components in them.

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yeah true. even though it will only cool the GPU/ CPU by 2 0c, it will keep the hard drives cool as well.

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It depends on what one you get. You dont want one that the fans suck air away. It chokes the cooling system and will increase heat. The laptop I got fits my laptop. I looked at the dimensions of the laptop where the intake and exhaust fan were and found a cooler that specifically blew cold air into the intake fan. Overall I have seen consistent 20' F drops in my temps across the board with only a $20 cooler because of the amount of research I did.

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yea my laptop cooler didnt do much... but it keeps my laptop off the bed so it gets breathing room so i guess thats good.

zalman nc1000/2000 are good laptop coolers. do some research tho.

try DOX 178.13. works well for me also.

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Thanks, I have been using the 175.63 with good results, with the modded inf. Tried 177.79 with horrible results, temp going really high. I will try those suggestions when I do my driver update soon. I am using XP32bit.

What degrees in Celcius do you get, idle and load with those drivers... Just for comparison sake,

Also do you know what you get for your HDD temps and CPU.

My CPU ranges from 38-45 idle, to 56-58 load.

HDD from 32 to 45

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