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CPU Speed in Dell C640 BIOS is not the same as shown by Win XP


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My Dell Latitude C640 Laptop having an Intel P4 Mobile CPU show's in the BIOS that the device can run with two different CPU speed. I was told the higher speed (in this case 2.5 GHz) is when external power supply is connected to the notebook and the lower speed of 1.2 GHz is when running from battery. I understand this is a Power saving fuction to prolong battery operating time when no mains is availabe.

When my Laptop in BIOS shows the speed to be 2.5 GHz, The Windows XP shows it running at only 1.2 GHz.(this is checked under: "my Computer", "Properties"). I have also used various utility programs and CPU-Z as well and they show that a 2.5 GHz CPU is inside yet running at 1.2 GHz.

How can I get the device running at 2.5 GHz?


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Have you tried monitoring the cpu speed when under load?

The cpu should automatically clock up to full speed when needed. Try running prime95/orthos and chscking clock speed then.

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download an application called RMclock. then take off all the profile settings except the one that has the highest voltage and multiplyer. this will make the CPU run at full speed. can also set for maximum performance under battery and AC power also. this will solve your issue

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