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8800m GTX new driver => 50% less performance


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i have a 8800m GTX videocard in my Clevo Notebook. My current driver crashes regularly when playing some games. I´ve already tried to install four or five new drivers, but with the new drivers my videocard has a clockrate of approximately 50% of the normal clockrate. With all drivers i´ve already tried i have the same problem and exact the same throttled clockrate. I´ve also tried to disable the PowerMizer application by manipulating the registry but the problem still exists.

What can i do?

I´ve attached the readout of my videocard and the .inf file of the preinstalled driver.

I hope you can help me please.

By the way, my OS is Vista 64bit



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hello bloodhound,

I had the same problem as you.

Check to see if your motherboard bios is version 1.00.007 because that bios is known to downclock cards when not using stock drivers.

I have written a guide on how to update your bios here: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=17753

Also I make custom drivers (hacked the nvidia's one to pieces) which should give you a nice boost in performance and image quality.

version 180.43: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=21398

Version 178.24: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....t=0&start=0

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I suggest downloading the newest bios/kbc/ec firmware.

Here are the latest versions straight from clevo:

KBC/EC Firmware: 1.00.09

BIOS: 1.00.11


here is a good guide on flashing your bios with a bootable usb stick

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Wow!, really nice guide!

Yes, i have the 1.00.07HY Bios version.

On the lowerside of my notebook there is a label covered with M57RU. Would your tutorial work on my notebook?

I´ve tried to download the new bios but there is no bios update on the clevo website. //EDIT: Thx Phnx

Do you maybe have the new bios?, or do you know where i can download it?

What can i do if the flash process would going wrong?

EDIT://Dox you wrote: "*Overclocking of the gpu is not possible once bios is updated, only downclocking is possible but you wont be able to push the clocks back to default without a restart."

But PowerMizer works or?

Thanks for your fast answer.

Edited by bloodhound1989
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yes powermizer still works.

I have done what is written on my guide. :)

read what Phnx has written above your post.

They are the latest bios.

I have those flashed onto my system and all is well :)

I have the same laptop model as you so, you should be ok after flashing.

good luck mate.

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Do you maybe know how to make a backup of the current bios? ^^

You see i´m really scary about things concerning the bios gg.

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not sure mate,

all i know is you need a floppy disk drive to do that.

As long as you follow the guide completely you should be ok.

I've flashed my bios 3 times now :O.

another thing you could try is ask your seller to do it for you.

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If you need an old bios (I see no reason why you should) then pm me as I can get you anything back to 1.00.02 :)

Edited by Phnx
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Ok now i tried to flash the 1.00.09 version. I see how it erased and programmed ONE block and a green box popped up with the message "successful flashed". But the old bios is still in use.

Then i tried to flash the 1.00.08 version and it works. Then i tried to flash the 1.00.09 version again but the same things happened as before.

What can i do to flash the newest version of the bios?

BTW the white frame is still there at startup -.-

Edited by bloodhound1989
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There are 2 different files linked by me, the KBC/EC firmware, which is the keybaord controller/embedded controller which controls the keyboard, hotkeys, function keys, fans, etc, and then you have the BIOS which is the basic input output system which controls the rest of the hardware. You need to flash the 1.00.09 KBC/EC first, then flash the BIOS 1.00.11 in order to solve the problem

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Thanks for your help.

Now i flashed my bios to the version 1.00.11 and my keyboard is working perfect now and i can install the new drivers without downclocking.

But what can i do against the white frame at the post screen?

I have also the problem with the TV-Out signal. My notebook only detects the tv with the S-Video connector and not with the Cinch connector. Should this problem not be solved with the new BIOS?

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hi guys. is it nessecery to install the KBC/EC Firmware: 1.00.09 before installing BIOS: 1.00.11? because I updated the bios to .11 without KBC/EC first and had no problems?

but i have another problem. my laptop seems to work instable now. sometimes when i start a game or program my laptop freezes and there are strange dots all over the display from up to down, until a automatic reboot begins.

I flashed bios from .07 to .11 and after that i installed the bios powermizer fan update too. now I can make with FN 3 the fan very quiet and with FN 1 normal speed an volume.

anyone knows this problem too? or has an idea to solve it? is it possible to deinstall the bios fan update?

many thanks

LG Shico

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Guest TimeTraveller

Hi there,

tried yesterday to update my bios from 1.00.08 to 1.00.11 without flashing the EC version.

Worked well, but then my xp shows only 2.5 GB out of 4 GB RAM.

With 1.00.08 i had 3 GB.

Any ideas why this happens?



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Happened to me same thing..

from 1.00.08 with 1.00.09KBC to 1.00.11 with same KBC I have 2.5GB in XP SP3 32-bit...

ANy solution??

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