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Crysis WARHEAD - Custom (enthusiast level) settings for DELL XPS M1730 GF 8700 SLI! Should work for other configs as well ! ! !


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// The original and similar article can be found here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=268299 //

The settings I made for Crysis worked pretty well for other XPS M1730 users with dual GF8700 on board so here is a small update for Crysis: WARHEAD. Well, not as small as I hoped it would be as those are completely new settings because the previous ones did not work well with Warhead. clapping.gif

So in general - the new settings I made were done especially for Dell XPS M1730 with two 8700s on SLI. The target resolution is 1280x720 (so 720P - as result you can easily play the game on your TV). Thanks to those settings you should get from 25-45 FPS on "Enthusiast" (Very High) but generally the game works around 30-40 FPS depending on the level you play and other factors. Here you can see a video showing those settings in action:

You can download the settings and view some screenshots below. I also pasted the description which you will find in the "!read_me.txt" file.

PLEASE NOTE: those settings are in version 1.0.1 and still some updates are possible. Also if you want to get even more FPS or turn on antialiasing you can change the object quality from "3" to "2" but it will affect lighting.




Config created especially for DELL XPS M1730 with 8700 SLI

With minor changes those settings should give great results on laps with 8800 SLI (all you should need to do is set a higher resolution and higher draw distance)

PLEASE NOTE! I take no responsability for any hardware problems which may occur after applying those settings! You do it on your own responsability!


- DELL XPS M1730 with dual GeForce 8700GT, 4GB RAM (as in this config we turn off the texture streaming). The CPU doesn't matter (2.4Ghz is just OK)

- Forceware drivers version 177.66 with modded INF (download from here for your system version: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/...?showforum=94). PLEASE NOTE: If you are uninstalling your previous driver you might want to use Driver Sweeper (http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1655). With those Forceware drivers you should ovserve less or even no crashes.

- SLI mode on (obviously)

- RivaTuner 2.11 (previous versions were not tested with new ForceWare drivers)

- Crysis Warhead

- Windows Vista and DirectX 10 with Service Pack 1 or Windows XP with Service Pack 3


- Go to NVidia Control Panel

- Go to Display/Change flat panel scaling

- In point 2 choose the option "Use NVIDIA scaling with fixed-aspect ratio

- Apply changes

- Restart your system to make sure those settings are working


- Run RivaTuner

- In "Main" tab go to "Driver Settings" - click on the icon next to "Customize" and choose "System Settings".

- Set the Core clock to 750Mhz, Shader clock to 1500Mhz, Memory clock to 975Mhz

- Apply those settings

- In "Startup settings" make sure to check the tab applying the overclocking at Windows startup

- Click OK.

4. Run the game and go to your graphic advanced settings. Set everything to "Enthusiast" (Very High), apply changes and exit the game. In main settings make sure to set your resolution to 1280x720 (the image will be scaled with aspect ratio thanks to changes you made in the NVidia Control Panel). After doing so exit the game. PLEASE NOTE! You have to do it BEFORE copying the files in this folder!

5. If you did what you had to do in the previous point now copy the files in this package to your Crysis game directory (probably x:\Program Fies\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis WARHEAD). Overwrite all existing files when asked (make sure to create a backup of those folders before!). The file system.cfg will not be present in this folder before copying it so don't worry if you don't see this file in this folder.

6. [Windows Vista only!] In the game's folder go to Bin32 folder and create a shortcut to Crysis.exe. Now press the right mouse button on the shortcut, go to Properties and in the "Target" field add at the end "-dx9". In result the target should look like this: ["X:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis WARHEAD\Bin32\Crysis.exe" -dx9], where "X" is the disk on which you installed the game. This will force the game to use some DirectX9 settings which will NOT affect the visuals but will make the game perform a lot better! PLEASE NOTE! Forcing the use of DX9 might sometimes crash the game (usually while loading new levels). If so run the game withoug the "-dx9" command, save the level when it loads and restart the game with the "-dx9" command.

7. Run the game using your shourtcut.

8. Make sure VSync and AA are set to "OFF" (those options should be set to OFF by default thanks to those custom settings but just make sure)

9. IMPORTANT! When you enter advanced settings you might see that some settings are set only to "High". You can change all settings which are set to "High" to "Very High" and the game will still run smoothly! Just make sure that you don't change other settings (marked as "Set by user"). Also change the motion blur setting to "Gamer".

10. [XPS M1730 users and other laptop users with NVidia video cards] Disable PowerMizer. You can find the tutorial here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=261929. This step is rather optional.

11. Start the game and enjoy! You should get an average of 30-40 FPS or more and the game should look awesome! PLEASE NOTE (Sometimes the framerate might drop to ~25FPS but usually the game works between 30-40FPS).

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Guest MonkeyMhz

tbh, I can say that even with the improvment in Crysis Warhead its still very unoptimized compaired to what it could be. Crysis is the biggest hog known to date. With my OC'ed 8600M GT i get like 6-15 FPS in all Enthusiast 1280x720. Its pretty terrrible. I play happily with all high in the widescreen res below 1280x720. But yea custom tweaking can do alot. I remember with the first Crysis before the OC of my card. Before I even got new drivers *back then i was running 160. I ran all very high with the first crysis and i tweaked the config to make it ridicolous like whatever the settings were i nearly doubled instead of 300 beams of light i did 600. Instead of 32 fill lights I did 64. Etc. And then i removed some things that you dont notice like shadow distance.etc Well it would be noticeble but not and the map i previewed it on, and i ran it in a pretty high res 2xaa, and the graphics looked pretty insane and it ran at like 2-20fps. It was pretty amazing how much performance you can get by tweaking with only little quality loss.

I have been to lazy to tweak warhead though. But good job. I wonder how much more powerful the 2x8700GTs r over my OC'd 8600M GT whats ur 3dmark06 score or vantage?...

I kno a buddy just got one of those laptops with the 9800GTs and hes pretty disapointed. Its not much performance over my 8600M GT OC; its noticeable, but not significant. He might have been better off with 2x8700's... But then again maybe the stream processors in the 9800M GT will give him more of a boost in shader intensive games.

Cuz i definetly know that I had to do alot of testing/OC'ing to get my card to perform well with games that have more shaders. 32 Steam processors just doesent cut it.

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yeah i too was unimpressed with warhead. i run highest resoluition with medium/high levels and its real good. but its just not programmed well. games are coming out that are using as much power as possible where they could be take a further 6 months and code it far better.

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Guest MonkeyMhz

Yes wook, definetly as a game programmer and mainly a 3d game artist I can agree. Ive seen numerous things in crysis that makes me shake my head. Also i feel that many games liek crysis have a lack of ingame advanced options (the more the merrier). Im no professional in programming, im a 3d artist mainly but, in my game engine (programmed with opengl) the motion blur runs significatntly better than the DX10 motion blur sample. Then again the directx10 motion blur blurs things on a per object basis like in crysis and the opengl motion blur i have just blurs the whole friggin scene when it moves. But the nice thing is that my motion blur in my game engine has no pixelated or dotted jaggies when u screen frame it moving and it runs nearly 4x faster!. And it works on my old P3 650mhz with a ATI radeon 9000 64mb(PCI not AGP ewww). So obviously theres ways to make things faster im not saying they should switch to opengl and stuff but im sure theres ways to speed things up more. Crysis has amazing culling techniques but they really needa do other things to make it run well. I still dont kno why but for some reason the resoltion in crysis has the hugest impact ever and shaders but, other games switching up to higher res's only minus a couple fps, in crysis its liek dividing by 2 each time.

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Well regardless of whether the guy stole the credit or not, the settings will grab you about 4-7 FPS depending on your video card. However, it disables Flash AA and Edge AA so it makes things look more pixelly than I can handle. It also reduces dynamic draw distances heavily so things in the distance will have low res models till you come up on them. However, this is good for a quick fix for some FPS to show the game off to your friends.

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