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I will rule the world for 1 day!.

Guest MonkeyMhz

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Guest MonkeyMhz

Ok, well im working hard and hardly working. Earning money for 3D School and a desktop. Bought my self a Laptop last christmas, this comming July/September im gonna buy myself a desktop ( a uber one ) just before i go to 3D School. With my current job ill earn enough to pay for all my 3d school and ill have a bunch left over for my desktop. I wont be buying my desktop till septemberish so this list will change, however It might stay simular. I would like your input on what im doing wrong or right on my setup. So far this is what im imagining.

And yes the day i get this pc i will feel like i rule the world. Ive never actually gone out and bought a powerhouse. This will be the biggest purchase ive ever made to date = ).

What im thinking:

*im a intel/nvidia guy, but im willing to change if i have to.


This: Mobo1

Or This: Mobo2


The asus is way more expensive, but i dunno if its worth it, however i cant ignore that big juicy heatsinkyness on the asus = D.


This: CPU1


Looks good to me.


This: Whatever is the newest Geforce at that time or ATI, whatever has better performance at that time, not the x2 cards just single GTX or GT. At first. I can always upgrade.


This: Memory1

or This: Memory2

or This: Memory3


Can't really decide on what memory. Any ideas.


This: PSU1

or This: PSU2


Does it make a difference. As long as its decent.

Hard Drive:

This: Storage OS

or This: Storage OS


Ah i dunno. Space. Are the 74gb Raptors worth it?


This: HeatSink1

or This: HeatSink2

*Heatsink2 looks OMG but is it as good as a zalman?


What else, isnt zalman the best = )

I need ur thoughts, im useless. I went to go think about and research laptops for a while when i bought my laptop and now im completely out of touch with desktops.

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The Asus will most likely have more BIOS options and will support a bigger variety of components, so you should pick it if you're going to overclock or exchange your parts in future.

Man go for the Raptor if you don't need much disk space! If you're used to laptop HDD's you'll be amazed how incredebily fast it works. 10k RPM rawrrrr :) If you got a lot of money and wanna have some more space you can buy Raptor for system/program files and a secondary bigger, slow and cheap drive for storing music films etc. That will boost overall performance of system and shorten load times.

As for the heatsink I'd go for the reliable Zalman. That second one looks cool but you'll regret buying it after a few days of use. And you can buy Zalman products almost blindfold.

All PSU's and RAM's you've chosen are all good I think, dunno which 1 you should pick. CPU is fine too.

I wouldn't buy the newest graphic card for now, I'd buy a mid-end or low-end one and gather some massive cash to buy a better gpu after some months. But everything depends on your cash amount, if you got much then go for the newest one.

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i too would go with an ASUS mobo. Costly, but so much ability and options. overclocking is real easy and they are warranted for that as well.

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Guest MonkeyMhz

Lol sorry for this post. Ive changed my mind, im getting the intel i7 since its came out. And ill probably go for the EVGA X58 Mobo since its lifetime warranty + great ocing features and, it has tri sli, and great review. I could also go for the Asus P6T, but currently Im more impressed with the EVGA.

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