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Rambus Wants To Stop NVIDIA Products From Selling In US


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This could be rather detrimental to NVIDA and anybody in the US.

Also from VR-Zone

Rambus today announced it has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) requesting the commencement of an investigation pertaining to NVIDIA products. The accused products include NVIDIA products that incorporate DDR, DDR2, DDR3, LPDDR, GDDR, GDDR2, and GDDR3 memory controllers, including graphics processors, and media and communications processors.

The complaint names NVIDIA as a proposed respondent, as well as companies whose products incorporate accused NVIDIA products and are imported into the United States. These respondents include: Asustek Computer Inc. and Asus Computer International, BFG Technologies, Biostar Microtech and Biostar Microtech International Corp., Diablotek Inc., EVGA Corp., G.B.T. Inc. and Giga-Byte Technology Co., Hewlett-Packard, MSI Computer Corp. and Micro-Star International Co., Palit Multimedia Inc. and Palit Microsystems Ltd., Pine Technology Holdings, and Sparkle Computer Co.

And follow up from NVIDIA:

Nvidia has hosted a meeting with their AIC partners today to keep them updated about the Rambus issue. VR-Zone has learned that Nvidia continues to deny all allegations brought forward by Rambus as they believe everything is legal so far and will co-operate fully with ITC. Nvidia stressed that their customers will not be affected by this allegation. Also they mentioned that this case will likely to drag for the next 12-18 months.

If RAMBUS wins the injunction then NVIDIA will have to look drastically how it uses RAM on it's cards.

Future cards might be all right but any stocks made and waiting to be imported/sold will have some issues.

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Heh... Just another dead company trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

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GDDR3 is what is used on most new hi-end cards, and im fairly sure that soon this will be used on all/most cards. Even my entry leve 8400m GT uses GDDR3.

Please note that DDR and GDDR are two very different things, or at least from what i understand! Also note who designed GDDR3 and how it differs from DDR3/2.

I dont see what all the fuss is about, unless ive missed something?

I think NVIDIA will be ok.

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Nvidia didn?t invent DDR3 etc, so unless they have been paying the patentee money every time they use this product they have made an infringement. Hope not for their sake.

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