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Benchmark 9800m GTS ---- GREAT!

Guest Danielebaggio

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Cool, can you please post also your score for 1280x1024 resolution. I get 9150 with that driver.

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try to use 1280 x 800, its what most people benchmark with so you can get a good comparison.

overclock i get just on 10,000 3Dmark '06

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Standard resolution for benchmarking is 1280x1024 for 3dmark06. Obviously if you screen won't support that then you can either use an externa monitor or run it at a lower res, but your score won't be comparable with others at the standard res if you use eg 1280x800

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it is the default resolution for 3dmark 06, but majority of people can not run that resolution. especialy since the majority of laptops sold are 15". hence why most people test @ 1280 x 800. but obviously up to you.

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Guest deathkill

Hey guys i recently bought a laptop similar to the gateway FX, its actually a european version called iPower GX by Packard Bell

i ran a 3D Mark 06 @ 1280x800, everything was stock i jus updated the drivers on the nVidia site to 186.81, and got a score of 9718.

system specs :

windows vista 32-bit

P8700 @ 2.53 Ghz

9800M GTS 1GB

4 gig ram

500GB hard drive

i think its a pretty high score for these specs, what do you guys think?...maybe if i OC the cpu and gpu i might be able to break 10 000? thx

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