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HP dv9500 series. Problem Suspend to RAM


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Hello! :)

After installed modded .inf driver not activist Suspend to RAM on my HP dv9675eo (GF 8600M GS). Why?

Manually function is ok, but automatically is broken

I trying driver from 176.xx to 180.43

Originally older driver (174.xx) is ok

System Vista Home Premium 32bit

Thanks for help

Polish language


mam problem z moim HP. Kiedy zainstaluję zmodowane sterowniki to nie działa wtedy automatyczne przejście w stan wstrzymania. Wygaszanie ekranu działa, ale nie działa S3. Kiedy ręcznie go wprowadzę w stan S3 to jest ok. Na oryginalnych sterownikach nie ma problemu.

Gdzie szukać przyczyny?

Dzięki za pomoc :)

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Various driver versions can differ in settings and features, thus causing incompatibilities with BIOS, ACPI etc. While HP makes sure its drivers will work flawlessy on a specified HP machine, it's impossible for Nvidia (or LV2Go) to make drivers work for every system in the world.

I know of a small Microsoft utility called dumppo.exe, though. It forces your system to always go into STR instead of POS. That will solve your problem.


Open the command line and go to the place where you got dumppo.exe. Enter this command:

DUMPPO.EXE admin /ac minsleep=s3

Restart your laptop and make sure all settings in BIOS allow your system to go into STR (S3).

Let me know what is the result. By the way, there's also a Polish section in this forum, Dyskusja po Polsku.

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No changes.

BIOS is possible to carry no changes and setups.

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Damn. Type in dumppo.exe admin

What does it say?

If Max sleep state is set to S4, might help setting it to S3 by typing dumppo.exe admin /ac maxsleep=s3

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no changes :)

probably guilty further is driver

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I'm helpless now :) Seems like you got to stick to the old driver or continue search for another one working.

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when laptop working on battery, S3 fix-up

when I connect power supply, it take a stand problems

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