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Problem with TV out on Quadro FX 1500 Driver Version 178

Guest Super Mario

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Guest Super Mario

Hi Guys,

I have a Dell Precision 490 system with Quadro FX 1500 running on XP pro SP3. The problem is since I upgraded my Quadro driver to 178.26 (released mid. October 2008), the driver insists that there is no TV attached to it the card, I have a standard CRT TV with no HDTV or HDMI features.

When I finally managed to force to TV out signal through a link labeled "My display is not shown on the list", a pop up window with a "Rigorous" display detection utility appears and tells me that it failed to detect my display and gives an option to force activate the TV out signal if I'm sure that there is a TV connected, when I say yes, a dual view appears on the with panel with my monitor as the main display and a second TV-like icon labeled HDTV and - guess what ??? - no TV signal on my TV.

I tried running the TV wizard, it asked me about the connection type I chose S-video, then Dual-view in the next window, and 1024x768 60Hz resolution in the next. Still nothing.

I tried going back to panel and configuring the signal type only to find "Auto detection" enabled with nothing else to chose from in the "Change the signal or HD format". And still nothing.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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