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Support for Netbook N10J 'Compressed' Video Option?


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I have an Asus N10J Netbook. It is essentially a 10.2" netbook with the Atom CPU, Intel GMA 950 graphics and nVidia 9300m GS graphics (switchable).

The Intel drivers offer the option of 'compressed' video mode so that you can fit 1024x768 resolution on 1024x600 screen. Granted you lose some quality, so it isn't advisable for text use, but for gaming it helps when the game has a minimum recommended resolution of 1024x768 like with Sins of a Solar Empire.

Obviously the GMA 950 isn't much of a gaming GPU, but the 9300m GS is great for games.

Is there any way to get a 'compressed' mode from my 9300m GS like they do with the Intel drivers?

Thanks so much for your help.

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not that I know of, but you can try custom resolution in the control panel. but one other thing you are really looking for is the EDID forcing, force the video card to display the resolution and have the monitor shrink it down when necessary. i was able to get a 1600x1200 on a VGA 1280x1024 monitor. my projector supportes native 1280x1024 direct hardware conversion to 1024x768. I still would not recommand any stuff like this, it distores the pixels a bit, best solution if you mean by gaming would be antialiasing, and it takes less horse power then having higher resolution.

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