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Counter-strike 1.6


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My Specs are

m1730 DELL XPS

8800 GTX SLI'd

4gb ram

X9000 Quad core


The Problem:I play with my laptop'd plugged into my 19" CRT Monitor( Tried 19" LCD as well)

and I play counter-strike 1.6 mostly, so when im playing with SLI on, the fps never drops(hope it wouldnt), but randomly about every 4-6 seconds the screen lags almost like it went back to 60hertz/or went to 60fps, but when i watch the fps ingame it stays at 100 through the lag. Im thinking it temporarily changes the frequency of the monitor and wanted to know if its possible to happen and fix itself every 6 seconds. Any ideas or suggestions. Im also gonna look for help making sure my comp is running to its full potential, cause i do love playing other high fps games.

~~~~~ - Vsync: Off -


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i think its nothig with the monitor my gess is antivirus , and if actually was your monitor is really easy the solution chose download refresh lock and lock de hz in the resolution you want to play and thats it

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