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Dox's Custom Forceware 180.44


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Latest version of my optimised drivers out.

Based on WHQL candidate nvidia drivers.

Drivers are now packaged in a nice and easy streamlined installer.

Drivers are now hosted here and mirrored at filefront - no more download issues!


New version out for XP only. Fixed issue with Digital vibrance.

Use the "old" version of 180.44 if you have problems with this one


Vista x64 v1.0.0.1 out and install issues fixed. Before downloading clean your cookies etc otherwise you will download the old Vista x64 v1.0.0.0!!

To verify you have the right version right click Vista64_180.44.exe choose properties, choose details and see if it says

Release Highlights

-Supports all desktop and mobile gpus 6-GT200 and quadro equivalent

-Added image quality and performance tweaks

-Added extra resolutions not found on the original drivers

-Optimised drivers

Full Changes

-Added support for all Nvidia desktop/mobile GPUs 6-GT200 series and quadro equivalent

-Added numerous Direct X and OpenGL performance tweaks

-Adjusted MipMap level of detail for sharper textures

-Added tweaks to help reduce stuttering in games

-Added compatibility tweaks for older games

-Added extra resolutions and adjusted existing ones

-Improved responsiveness of Nvidia control panel

-Fixed digital vibrance issue (XP 180.44.1 only)

-English language release only

-Removed helps files

-Removed language files

-Removed Stereo Vision server

-Removed unnesseccary reg enteries made by nvidia

-Removed Nview and its associated files and reg enteries

-Removed NVcolor.exe (XP only)

-Removed Nvidia event log service (XP only)

-Removed Nvidia tray icon (XP only)

-Removed bundled physX.exe from driver files (saves download size for my drivers)

-Optional "Powermizer switch" for mobile users

-Option to install latest "RivaTuner"

-Option to download physX and install manually

-Drivers files highly compressed in an installer with extra options

-No driver setup files are left on the system after driver installation

Download Links

XP_180.44.1 | MIRROR -Fixed Digital Vibrance issue

XP_180.44 | MIRROR

No XP 64 yet...

Vista_180.44 | MIRROR

Vista64_180.44 | MIRROR

leave comments, suggestion, rants, requests and criticism HERE - just keep it clean.

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I tested this on a Asus F9Sg. specs are 12 inch wxga, 2.1 ghz c2d, 3 gig ram, 250 gig hd, 256 mb nvidia 9300m G.

The performance increase from this driver was huge. it was like ocing without the oc. truely awesome. only downside

is it made sleep not work when you close the lid. so it never wakes up :) I really wanted to keep these drivers too. sigh.

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