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8600m gt issues

Cold Blood

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Been having issues with my current drivers,178.15. In almost every game after 20 minutes of playing games start to lag or slowdown and it's get's even worse if I continue to play without a restart sometimes,especially in guild wars, to the point when I start to get artifacts even if I quit the game. And I'm not the only one,a friend of mine who has a 8600m gs also experiences the same thing. My video card isn't broken,temperatures are bellow 70 degrees even in intense usage and I don't have these issues in windows xp. Anyone ever experienced this sort of issue and how did you solve it?

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The fact that you don't get the same problems in XP means it is unlikely to be anything hardware related..............odd.

Did your card underclock because of Powermizer?

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hmm,now that you said,i did check out the clock and it was downclocked because of powermizer,never knew of it, and i did download something to disable it on ac, but now the fan runs like crazy and sometimes it still downclockes my card,is there a way to change these settings?

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