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7600 Go and Warcraft


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So, Hello! I need a bit of help here with my drivers and WoW, if anyone else out there is a player.


HP Pavillion Dz8000

Geforce go 7600 256 ram.

2gigs of ram.

XP Professional

So, warcraft ran fine for the longest time, and then the latest patch came out and suddenly it is freezing up (sometimes freezing up the entire computer). After trying everything I could think of software wise, I actually sent the laptop back to HP for repairs, and they replaced the system board and set the whole thing back to factory spec.

Got it back, load up WoW...same issue. Screen locks up. Poked around trying to update drivers, found out I had the latest 'recommended' ones already so they weren't doing their part. Found you guys! Went through looking at recommendations and such and ended up installing the 163.44 drivers. Still having the same issue.

Any suggestions? Also, any other players running the 7600 card get the game to work fine?

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i got a 7600go 265 working in my fsc-amilo... working fine as usual, only some random slowdowns lately (you know, since the shadow-patch-thingy)...

i usually pick the latest driver any few months, mine should be from august (sry, cannot look it up right now).

thats all i can tell, you, unfortunately no solutions, but good luck to you :)

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