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8400M GT: Functionality and mobility instead of performance


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Ok, some of you mainly playing games might ask wtf I'm asking for :) But I'm actually in for some functionality instead of performance. Ok, this is the deal:

I'd take the Lenovo provided drivers, if they would be able to talk to my dualview external panel in its native resolution. But they fail to do so, so I need other drivers.

This website is the source of course, but while everybody seems to go for performance here, I actually use my laptop on the go and want max out the battery (Powermizer only or is there even more?) and just use my external panel, nothing more.

My specs:

Lenovo Thinkpad T61, 1440x900

Quadro NVS-140m (10DE-0429), bases on 8400M GT, 128MB onboard RAM

Vista 32bit

Anyone got some ideas? Which could be the best shot? 175.16? 169.04? Thanks in advance!

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i'd stick with the one that is WHQL and is from your laptop supplier. As far as battery mode and getting the most out of it, you will just need to enable powermizer, which will come enabled with a WHQL driver anyway. use a profile in the power tools with XP or Vista and turn HDD off after 2 mins, disable screen saver and enable turning off the monitor after 5 mins. also set the screen brightness in the BIOS or in windows control pannel to be as low as you are comfortable, and set that as maximum.

thats about all i can offer.

I know i have provbably stated what you already know, and that you are after a driver that gives more battery time. but this would only give 2-5 mins.

you could downlod rivatuner and set the maximum performance at 2D. so what ever you are doing on your laptop the 3d card wont clock above 180 Mhz. this will save 10-20 mins if done correctly.

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And tune the GPU clocks still lower with RivaTuner to gain some extra time.

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Thanks alot for those valuable hints. Indeed, knew some of it already. But the main problem remains:

While the Lenovo supplied WHQL do work best, they fail to accept the 1400x1050 resolution from my external display. And things get worse when I try to hook my Thinkpad up to my hd-ready flatscreen... :)

Could I get around that by tweaking the INF of the WHQL installer using the respective sections only of a fitting modded INF ?

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