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Frosty the Snowman

Lots of people posting about sleep mode...

Thought I would give it a go myself, and it woke up just fine.

Wish I could help somehow, but (un)fortunately it's working normally for me :)

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My clock is 670/1340/950!!!



I use a ZM-NC1000 cooler!

Retarded score!! :)

I had a XPS 1530 with 700/1400/1000 clock before but with this Dell i cant reach quite as high but i dont care! I get a higher score with this one! The only thing i changed was the CPU from a T7300 to a 9300 and ram from 2048 to 3072! :) HUGE BOOST!

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I'm disappointed how all 180.xx drivers loose per benchmark performance to the latest 178.xx/179.xx drivers. Progress like the current economical situation?

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Is your M1530 able to wake up from sleep mode when using this driver? I have an M1530 also and it cannot seem to wake up from sleep using any of the 180.xx drivers.

Sleep mode is buggered in this version, sorry I didn't mention it, its just that I use hibernate instead of sleep.

Its probably got something to do with the 8600m GT because that seems to be the only one with sleep problems

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Guest Breogan
Sleep mode is buggered in this version, sorry I didn't mention it, its just that I use hibernate instead of sleep.

Its probably got something to do with the 8600m GT because that seems to be the only one with sleep problems

I'm having this issue too. My laptop is an Acer 5720G with a 8400M GS card.

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Just tried new drivers 180.70 still the same issue with sleep. My lappy is Zepto 6224w 8600m GT DDR2. It seems that only after running a game lappy won't wake up, if running only programs it can wake up with no problems. :)

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amazing driver. im so happy theres no stuttering in fallout3 anymore. just had to activate the cp manual...but its the best driver since 178.series. gave my 8700m gt a noticeable boost. :) thanx

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They kept making my Laptop crash in games, slow desktop startup, and slow folder opening. After only 30 minutes of game play (in half life 1 in fact!) it crashed, and upon attempt to restart, a rather blank blue screen appeared stating the following:





My laptop also became very hot when playing any game, and when prior to waking, it was very hot also!

They shouldn't release these bloody drivers if they cause this! :)

I am going back to the previous drivers. Anyone else have this problem yet?



(I have an account, but can't remember the login).

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Might I also add that both Firefox AND IE (I used IE to test - I use firefox) were both slow at opening, and Firefox would not load the home page unless you clicked on the icon!

Also, these coloured flashes randomly appear on the screen - they looked just like the ones on my old desktop when the fan was broken - when it was OVERHEATING! :)

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anyone noticing clock speeds at 393/786 rather than 500/800 when viewing system information in the nvidia control panel with these drivers?

Other than that, I'm getting a 3dmark06 score of 5680 and 7-10 celcius cooler temps on my 2.8 uni-MBP. The default apple drivers would cause overheating and lockup on a black screen when gaming. I'm happy now.

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Hello everyone!

I´m having a problem with this driver. I own an dell xps m1330 and when I installed this driver mi ventilator started going crazy turning itself on and off very very frequently... This is very annoying!! I have the same problem with 179.13 and 180.70 all for vista 32-bit... Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Many thanks!!

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New to the forum but I wanted to post here after finally solving the problems with my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop.

I've been fighting a sleep mode problem every time I install any video drivers other than the dell supplied 156.69 drivers for my 8400M GS.

Well, after much swearing and lots of searching I found a few things. And I wanted to share them with everyone here so that I might be able to help others with similar problems.

First, let me explain what the problem was in a little more detail so that other people with similar problems can see if this helps them.

After installing any version of the drivers from LaptopVideo2Go.com I would not be able to put my laptop to sleep. I found a work around by switching my system to use hibernation instead of sleep mode.

It would act like it was going to sleep and everything seemed happy, however, I could never wake it up. I would have to power cycle the system to get it to load Windows again.

Finally, I decided to get the video drivers loaded and I would live with the hibernate instead of sleep mode.

While cleaning up my system and running some other general maintenance, I decided to look into the NVIDIA Driver Helper Service.

Here are some links:




So it appears that the NVIDIA Driver Helper Service has problems where it causes systems to have slow shutdowns.

So I thought I would disable the service and give my sleep mode problem another test.

I put the system to sleep and it woke up without any problems. Found the culprit!

I've now tested my sleep/wake cycle three times without any more hangups on wake.

If anyone here has any more info on the problem, please let me know. But at the moment, I think I've finally solved the big driver headache I've had for the some time now.

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When enabling SLI mode, the clock of both GPU's are always at max (500mhz) and core become 75 degree Celsius when I dont enable SLI cores run at 200Mhz when using Windows normally. Temp of GPU's around 45 degrees celsius.

When using hardware assisted Physics my machine always crashes..... in the 177.xx driver it actually worked.

So this is not the best driver for me...

I have now installed the official beta from nVidia, http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_noteb...79.28_beta.html

And now my Physics is accelerated again :-)

I do keep the problem of GPU's running at top speed when SLI is enabled.

When I dont use SLI, the second GPU could be used for physics, but that keeps running at 200mhz (slow speed).

The 177 driver explicity said when not using SLI, the second GPU will be used for physics.

Maybe the 179 driver only uses one GPU (both for video and physics) :-(

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when i try to download this driver, it tells me that i have to have authentication. i have already signed up on the website and when i enter my username and password, it still wont download. any suggestions?

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I think I'm the only one whom the drivers didn't work. I got msi laptop with 8600m gt...what gives?

The message is got was: Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

NVIDIA GeForce 8600m GT

This operation returned because the timeout period expired.

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Ok I assume it's not the drivers fault, as I tried to install 179.28 and I got the same response.

Any ideas what it could be? Am I stuck with these bloody drivers that I've had since the computer came from the factory?

Should I post this problem somewhere else?



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