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After install, the NVidia control panel is no longer under advanced display properties, or right clicking on the desktop. While I still had the uncleaned drivers around, I initiated NVCPLUI manually and activated SLI (my biggest concern). However, after it did all the configurations, I was still able to dual/split monitor, which didn't seem right to me. I did try uninstall/reinstall with a driver clean, and I'm still getting the same issues. Any suggestions or a recommendation of another driver?

Toshiba X205-Sli3

8600M GT Sli 256Mb

I have that problem with the control panel.

In advanced display properties I get something like an english controlpanel (German system! :) ) in wich I am somehow not able to uncheck the "aplication controlled" checkboxes... I can however start the NVidia control panel (a German one) manuel and all seems to work.

ATM I simply hope, an official release (NVIDIA Homepage still tells me 180.48 is the latest driver for me) will solve the problem with the control panel.

Meanwhile, I put the control panel into the Quickstart bar to have a similiar fast access to it as before.

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Guest GuestTU

Sorry for the noobish question but i have been little out of the loop with the new Nvidia technologies. Do these drivers have CUDA, PhysX etc? Also what is the benefit of these technologies and are they relevant for my 9500M GS (in terms of processing power)

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Guest Titan818
have you tried any of the other 180 drivers, such as 180.43, 180.44, 180.48, all of them are pritty good drivers

180.48 has got the same problems. I'm doin the same thing as [Gnu]. I have to go into display settings>advanced>additional properties. And even then, it pulls up a very limited control panel. No Sli/overclocking/app setting configurations. Weirder yet, and I dunno if I just never noticed before, but on the general info tab, it says my operating system is the ol' codename "Longhorn" and that I'm running Dx 8.1. Also, No Video BIOS version, and 0Mb of memory. :)

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Horrible driver IMO. At least for playing F.E.A.R online. I clean installed the drivers and frames are @ 60 for about 10mins than drop to 29 for no reason and STAYS at 29 until i reboot the game. Went back to using 180.44 and i haven't had the problem sense.


Freshly removed and reinstalled to fix the fear problem. Fallout 3 now runs max @ 60FPS on Ultra

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I think it depends on your system setup, these drivers are best on my Dell XPS 730, i haven't tried them on my laptop yet

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Well. . the driver did well with my xps m1730...

GForce 8700m gt

It run smoothly with :) may cry 4 and fallout 3...



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Seems to be solid.

On an XPS m1530 standby still doesn't work, but hibernate does. No aero lag, not sure about performance though.

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It is disappointed. Glitches have appeared! On 8600M GT. It is compelled to return to 169.02

:) :)

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Guest Digimon

Dell XPS M1530 nVidia 8600GT

These drivers seemed to mess with my wireless connection. It would just disconnect every 10 seconds or so, then re-connect.

Rolled em back to the sock drivers for now, and it works ok.

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I have to say, i had a 7900 'GSX' oced for a long long time...

I had a crash with those drivers (wich i had never seen with my oc settings)

And a few days later again that crash, but dots appeared all over the screen.. And stayed on reboot and never got away..

Got in diagnostics.. memory write errors!

So, my memory has fried with these drivers!

So if you have an oced GPU, maybe watch out for this one...

Hope my loss can be someone else's 'gain' !!


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V175.70 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4009 points without overclocking.

V175.75 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4072 points without overclocking.

V175.97 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4093 points without overclocking.

V177.66 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4170 points without overclocking.

V177.79 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4239 points without overclocking.

V177.83 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4177 points without overclocking.

V177.89 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4022 points without overclocking.

V180.70 3DMarks 2006 @1280x1024 res, scored 4223 points without overclocking.

V175.70 3dMarks 2006 @1280x800 res, scored 4544 points without overclocking.

V175.75 3dMarks 2006 @1280x800 res, scored 4555 points without overclocking.

V177.66 3dMarks 2006 @1280x800 res, scored 4649 points without overclocking.

v179.14 3dMarks 2006 @1280x800 res, scored 4493 points without overclocking.

V180.70 3DMarks 2006 @1280x800 res, scored 4710 points without overclocking.

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