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didnt work out, my hdmi signal still gets cancelled when closing the lid (vista setting is course set to no action when closing it). plus the options were totally different, I couldnt choose wether to use dual-view or clone mode, and my hdtv's resolution of 1366x768 isnt supported.

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Since installing these drivers, I tend to get fullscreen artifacts after a while.

It's independent of the game (tried NfS:Undercover and Prince of Persia) but I think it could be the temperature. Last time I measured ~71° on GPU-diode.

I'm going to try 180.84 now.

Any other ideas to solve this?


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Sorry for the previous post, I hit "enter" before writing anything.

I've got the same issue, sometime the screen is freezing with those glitches. Often when I start Media Player Classic. It's not a real pain in the arse because it don't happen too much, but I was wondering if someone had found a solution, or at least advice me about a better driver. I've got a 8600M GT card.

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Late 2008 Macbook

I've installed these drivers under Bootcamp on my late 2008 aluminium Macbook. It's stable enough, but is there any way to control screen brightness via the function keys and/or automatically as it worked before, rather than through the nVidia software? Or is there another driver -- apart from that provided by Apple on the Bootcamp disc -- that allows this?


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Guest abdusamed

i would like to know one simple answer,... is this the same thing which i would get from Nvidia website?? i have qosmio with 9700M GTS and says that a new driver is released,.. like may 7 09.. which one should i get..this one or the one from the website??? is this the same thing from the website...?? thanx :)

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Same stuff in a neater (=smaller) package, the difference is the addition of mobile modified inf.

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Guest Guest

Has anyone found a way to solve the issues with the Suspention (when you shut the cover) yet? I'm getting tired of having to shut down my system everytime :)

Ps: Excuse my english :S

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hey guys i am new here...i have tried every means as far as i think with which i must be able to install new drivers..but i am just not able to and i`m stuck with the V7.15.11.0119 Version..i dont know where i am wrong..anyone who could explain me in detail as to what to do from start till the end i would be highly grateful.

My laptop

Asus G2S specs are-

Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 @ 2.20Ghz


Os-Vista Ultimate SP1

Video Card-256MB Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT---PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0407&Subsys_15151043&rev_A1

1920x1200 (WUXGA)

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