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Toshiba x205 Please help

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Hi everyone,

After fiddling around with my drivers/Vista installation all week, I'm unlurking in the hopes that someone can give me any kind of indication of what's going on with my system.

My main question is this: Is it unreasonable of me to expect to score greater than 3600 in 3dmark06 with this machine?

I was under the impression that even with only one of my GPUs I should be getting a higher score.

I'm running the factory installation of Vista Home Premium Updated to SP1 and all windows updates.

GPU-Z lists my Bios Version as 60.84.5E.00.29 and I'm running the 179.14 driver recently released on these forums, installed with the .INF.

I'm a total newb to notebooks, having gotten this machine last year without any knowledge of the driver "issues" created by the ridiculousness of the nvidia/laptop vendor relationship. Had I found these forums prior to purchasing I probably would have just built a desktop, which I'm considering doing now anyway.

Needless to say, any sort of insight into the capabilities of this system would be greatly apprecaited.

I've been looking here for the specifications:


If this is not an appropriate forum to post this topic in, please point me in the right direction.


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Guest Morris Lee

score looks like SLi disabled, look for SLi enabled drivers and mod your own inf(addin your device name and ID) to make sure you are usingthe stock driver settings, the modded inf provided on this site are buggy with SLi, HD play back, etc..

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Thanks for the reply!

Although it does seem as if SLI is enabled, I will look for some drivers verified to be more compatible with SLI tomorrow.

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With SLI enabled you should get a score between 7000 and 8000. I have more or less the same laptop. Even with a single card you should be able to manage between 3500 and 4500. What process do you use when installing new drivers? Also try getting the new 180.xx release drivers as they improve framerates in the majority of games by about 10%. Assuming you play games obviously.

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