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What can't the 8600GT do? Some stuff, lol.

Guest MonkeyMhz

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Guest MonkeyMhz

i usually play games with my laptop plugged in so no downclocking issues. Ive undervolted the CPU so i can overclock the GPU more.

CPU never goes above 73C like never, and then, GPU never goes over 78c, everything else is cool.

And i have my 8600GT OC'd @


Core: 475mhz

Memory: 600mhz

Stable OC (I don't wanna push it higher it runs fine its not hot and its great):

Core: 700 mhz

Memory: 750 mhz

When i orginally tried these clocks with the older drivers it artifact and crashed, but since 178.13 i tried again, and no problem.

Ive put them a bit higher, but i think i feel safer with those.

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Heres what my OC 8600GT can do!. lol. Fallout 3, ultra 1680x1050 all max aa on like x2 or 4 or something and af x 8

Plays about 30-40 fps.


LOL that's freaking amazing....

wich drivers do you use?

How far did you overclock it?

what are the temps of the card after let's say one hour playing??

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Guest MonkeyMhz

Like i said, GPU temps never go past 78C.

Usually GPU will slowly work its way up to about 72c after 20 or so mins, and then after like a hour it will climb to 78c and then it will never exceed that. Maybe for a second it will go to 79c then back down to 78c. But yea, so 1hour play+++ the gpu would always be 78c.

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