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No Drivers Work for Inspiron 8200 GeForce440


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Hi All,

I'm running the following:

Inspiron 8200



UXGA Screen

I am unable to run games, namely Dark Age of Camelot on my laptop.

No matter what driver i try, the screen will just flicker constantly under it finally locks up. Somtimes into "white screen" and sometimes just freezes whatever frame it was displaying at the time. This also happens outside of games, like when surfing the net or whatever, just not quite as bad/often.

What gets me the most is that it worked just fine before i tried to update to dells newer 42.xx driver & newer bios :) From there everything just went downhill

I've tried reformatting my hard drive to start from scratch but now even the old dell 2x.xx drivers that worked for me a long time ago do not anymore.

Any advice or help would be greatly appriecated.


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Did you keep a copy of your old BIOS ?

If so see if you can burn that back in.

Might be only option to get things working again altough with ancient drivers.


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Have you tried the A11 Bios? Try updating to this version. Here are the fixes:

Dell Inspiron 8200 The following updates were made to the A10 BIOS to create the A11 BIOS: Issues Fixed: 1. Fixed issue where the operating system may report erroneous battery information if a battery swap is performed while the system is in Standby. 2. Fixed issue where an external PS/2 mouse wheel may not function correctly in the operating system. 3. Fixed issue where the LCD may be off after undocking from a CRT-only / lid closed configuration. The BIOS release has been validated on the following operating systems: 1. Microsoft Windows XP


Remember, always use the floppy disk version to upgrade your BIOS.

It doesn't seem like they updated the video performance, but you never know with these Dell systems. Also, I recommend you upgrade your drivers to the most current version. Hopefully nVidia will be releasing a 56.xx mobile driver from the looks of it. Hope this helps.


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