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a big confusion about SLI

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Hi everybody

I got my toshiba x200-23g about 2 months ago,and the specs are :

CPU: Intel C2D T9300 @ 2.5Ghz


RAM: 3GB 667mhz

HDD: 250+250Gb @ 5400RPM

and the system came with the vista 32 home premium preinstalled. now enough about the specs.

After readeing and searching abou the usage,peformance and driver updates of SLI systems,I got several unsolved questions,so plz help with these :

1.Do the nvidia GPUs work correctly with new drivers from this site (wich is indeed a magnificient one) ? Do i have the nvidia chip to make the GPUs work without OEM drivers or is it not nescesary ? and how can i found out if i have one or not ? i have read all the manuals and used device manager and sys info but didn't find any nvidia chips.

2.In the 3dmark 06 with Sli enabled i got 7100~7500 , and with sli deactivated 4200~4400 , I'm using 180.43 driver with moded .inf , are these numbers right ?

3.In rivatuner V2.20 on main tab i have a GPU0 and a GPU1 , it doesn't matter if I turn the sli off or on,it is always saying that the GPU1 is UNATACHED, does it mean that one of the GPUs is not working ? and if so then why the 3dmarks do differ with turning the sli on or off?

4.another question i have is, can u actually control wich GPU to be turned off,or do the system decide it randomly,or it is always one of the GPUs wich turns off,and if so isn't it bad because it would shorten the life expectancy of the other GPU wich is always on ?

sooo,Plzzz help me! Thank u!

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In answer to your questions, as a fellow X200-25H user(see my profile for specs), 1 Yes you can use any driver from this site past 160.xx releases. You just have to follow the correct procedure. I.E. Uninstall previous driver from device manager along with driver software.. Restart. Clear any trace with driver cleaner pro or something similar. then install new driver with modded inf. all done. 2. Those scores are about right. I get roughly the same. 3. Afraid I do not use Rivatuner, although both cards are working constantly, when you enable SLI it just joins their outputs as it were. 4. You cannot control it and no it is not random, one is always used in preference over the other. Technically it is bad although other parts namely the hard drive are far more likely to fail before one of the graphics cards unless you overclock them a lot. Hope I helped. PM me if you need anything else.

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Thank u sooo so much dear MV !

and can u plz tell me what do u use for GPU overclocking ?

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I use Nvidia System tools although you can use Rivatuner I find that the Nvidia tools are easier. Although I generally find that my laptop doesn't cool the cards effectively enough to overclock. Although I have overclocked it to 650 core clock with 850 memory clock. Any higher and it gets far too hot. Just make sure the temperature DOES NOT GO ABOVE 90 your cards will very likely fail if it does.

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thanks again :)

I installes the new 180.70 driver and suprise , 3mark 06 is 150-200 better...average 7650!

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