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MacBook performance, Vs Battery life


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Apple has decided it is in your benefit for their new MacBook to not perform very well. When the battery is out of the laptop it takes a serious performance hit.

37% drop to be exact.


Many users remove the battery from their laptop because it can help improve battery life, and for these users this could be a serious problem.

Apple explains that it "prevents the computer from shutting down if it demands more power tan the A/C adapter alone can provide."


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This is complete crap! Apple seems to think that having a cute little AC adapter is more important than providing the power which is necessary for the computer to run. I have never seen a PC do this. What would happen if the Mac needed to run at full CPU power for a long time, such as exporting a video from video-editing software? (Which, ironically, is one of the things that certain uninformed individuals think they need a Mac for.) Since the AC adapter could not supply power for the whole system, the battery would slowly discharge until it was empty. Then, the system would be forced to throttle back to avoid damaging its puny little AC adapter. This is yet another reason not to buy the second-rate low-end iCrap that Apple tries to sell you.

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woohoo.. tell us what you really think !!

I do agree. Apple have certianly done well with maketing and design of their products. But this is pretty average. Are they assuming their $40 batter/ AC adapter are more important than performance. 37% is huge!

I too am wondering, that if once the battery is fully charged, is there even a small moment when it will drop to only 63% of its capabablity because or recharge, or discharge?!

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There is even something I forgot to mention. What if some well-meaning nerd installs Linux (or even Windows, for that matter) on his Mac? Assuming this downclocking is done in Mac OS software, which is likely the case, it would not occur in Linux. If the computer was operating without a battery, and 100% CPU was being used, then it is very likely that the AC adapter would be damaged, and it might even overheat and start a Fire.

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It's all well and dandy designing pretty gadgets, but I would prefer to have devices that function as they should paid for.

Apple to me is all looks and stability but very little functionality, you can't upgrade anything as there are no drivers for anything non standard.

My Dell i9400 works with a 65w AC Adaptor but comes with a 90w model as standard.

But I use a 150w monstrous beast to make sure there is enough for all occasions

The also i9400 came with Intel Graphics, ATI x1400, Go7800, 7900 GS/GTX, 7950GTX, Quadro 1500/2500/3500 as options, all the cards fit in it.

Can a Mac even have anything else that waht came in it ?

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My Dell also came with a 90W adapter, and it has no trouble running under full load for long periods with or without the battery.

Here is the adapter for a MacBook Pro:

Here, on the other hand, is the adapter for my Dell:

The scale is not the same, but try comparing the size of the adapters based on the size of the power cord.

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The Mac adaptor looks tiny.

Tiny can never deliver big output.

Why didn't Apple make the little adaptor as an accessory for those who travel heaps and where a little adaptor is of use.

And the Latte drinking Mac users who use it in real life get a real AC Adaptor.

The swivelling AC pins are also fragile and don't like being in vertical wall sockets, as with my very similar Canon camera battery charger, where it wants to fall out.

All quite a laugh really, someone will work out hack to fool the BIOS/MacOS to think the battery is fully charged and give full performance and set fire to their adaptor :)

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I have never had any problem carrying my power adapter around. It fits quite easily into the secondary compartment of my laptop backpack, along with an assortment of A/V cables.

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