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ASUS X57Vn and WoW


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Hey there fellow WoW players :)

I want to know how to made WoW run really smoth on my notebook ASUS X57Vn.

I have a GeForce 9650GT with 1GB, and 4GB RAM and Intel Core2Duo P8400 @ 2.27GHz.

My OS is Windows Vista x64, and drivers for graphic card are 180.4x, I dont exacly remember which one.

So to the main point. Now Im playing WoW on 1280x860 res. (or something like that).

I have everything on high, and on High Performance option, and AC plugged in, its running good.

FPS is about 50-60, so its very good I think.

But maybe there are few tips how to improve more speed of WoW?

Im kind of user that using only this software that is really needed.

So I dont have any garbage process in background.

If there are some tips how to improve more this game on this notebook, I would be really glad for it :)

BIG THX in advance for helping me.


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have you looked at an aplication called RMclock?

makes the CPU run at full speed instead of pulsing up and down. its pretty user friendly

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I got this error when I want to run this application:


Its late, so I will try to find solution tomorrow.

Or maybe its just not compatibile with Vista x64?

I dont know, but I posted here, because maybe You know answer for that problem.

THX for helping.


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Well if you want higher FPS with wow then use DOX's 178.13 or 178.24. I've found that DOX's 180.4x are better for the most recent games, but that those 178 ones give better results with wow.

Runnning with the -nosound command improves frame rate. This is different from turning the sound off ingame which has little effect.

Obviously turning the settings down, particularly draw distance, and the lowering the resolution will improve performance.

I get the impression you want to keep those options on, but reducing AA will help and customising the nVidia control panel settings.

I use V sync, but if you are purely after FPS then you won't want this on, despite possible screen tearing.

Thing is, if your average FPS is 50-60, why do you want to change anything? Your screen refresh rate is probably 60hz so going above 60 FPS makes little difference.

I don't see that you actually have a problem, or that tweaking will acheive anything more graphically with the res etc you want with wow.

I wouldnt bother overclocking your CPU for the sake of that either, it is more than adequate, and wouldn't make much difference either.

Better alternatives in your case are good system maintainance, like the background stuff you mention and get hold of progs like ccleaner and vista manager x64 if you don't have them. Defrag with something like O&O x64.

There's plenty of suggestions to get going with, but with a more than capable laptop and good awareness and actions as you have, the best advice is probably that it isn't broke, so don't fix (tweak) it too much.

Best prog for WoW is probably wow matrix if you dont already have that. Make sure that as well as your nVidia driver that your directx, sound and windows updates are done.

Be happy that you already have it very good. :-)

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