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left 4 dead freezes or locks up during play

Guest ariokone

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Guest ariokone

i'v got a bi xeon 1.87 ghz with 8 g of ram a quadro fx 4500..and it freezes every times!!! no possibility of an alt tab or ctrl shift esc...just reboot..please help..i ve got the latest drivers and fallout 3 works without any pb..


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Wrong thread (unless French and English are more similar than I thought), but try some other drivers (178.24 for instance) and see what happens. 8gb RAM? WOW!

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Guest ariokone

i could play 10 minutes!!! but sthe same pb came back...

even during the menu..perhaps it seems it comes from the sound card..but not sure

if you have an idea..si vous avez une idee


bi xeonquadro 1.87 ghz

8 gig de ram

quadro fx 4500

soundblaster audigy 2zs audio 3000

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Nice setup ariokone sounds like a bit of a beast :)

When did this problem occur did you update some drivers on your computer or was there a game update?

Sounds like it could be something to do with your ram

Does your whole computer freeze to the point that you cannot do anything (ctr l+ alt + Del) or move the mouse? if so I would suggest removing a stick of ram and then rebooting and trying to run the game again could be that there might be some issues with the amount of ram that can be used when running the game you might have too much or something like that would defiantly try something like that if it was me.

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