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Alright i have a custom build laptop with a 8400m gt 512mb card...

Now maybe i havent looked around good enough, but what driver do i install?

I hope this isnt too much of a noobish question but i've been looking on the net a long time and it starting to ###### me off that my manufacturer (dutch BTO) doest update drivers so i hope you guys understand i am running out of patience.. hope somebody can get me some good news...

also bought gta4 and it looks f*ck*d *p... i already saw there working on a bugfix for that? still would be nice to have some new drivers. mine's a year old now :S

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Try these with modded inf:


^^For vista (im sure you'll know what to do for xp)

GTA 4 does have its share of problems. We'll just have to wait and see what comes of it.

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