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Memory upgrade problem and perhaps BIOS bug


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Hello Everyone...

I need some help here..

I have a notebook that been 2 years use. Mine was Zepto Znote 6615WD, Denmark Assembly, bought in UK.

Now, i'm having this weird condition that i cannot upgrade the memory upto 4GB or 3GB, i stuck at the max 2.5GB. The sound and modem wont start if i put 4GB or 3GB mem.

I'm thinking that this is the cause of a bug in BIOS.

My motherboard is ACER MPAD-MSAE Customer Reference Board, with the latest version BIOS from Zepto as the manufacture is version z1.09. ftp://ftp.zepto.dk/

Now, i want to ask you guys/girls...

Can i use an ACER BIOS Release for other motherboard and flash it to my notebook motherboard?

Which one is it?

My Notebook Specs:

T7600, Nvidia 7600 go, 2.5GB mem, 160GB HDD, 15.4".

BIOS: ftp://ftp.zepto.dk/Notebooks/Discontinued...BIOS/v1.09v.iso

Thank you for everyone that wlling to help.

You can mail me at: i.am.iyep@gmail.com




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it is hard to say, since it is a reference board, but usually, before the flashing progress starts for a phoenix bios windows flash tool, it verifies your BIOS compatibility before it flashes, you should be able to find the program in the downloaded BIOS package from acer. of course you need to find the corresponding laptop model with that board.

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I have download the CTBIOS application from this forum too.

I dont know if it will do the same like Phoenix Flashing app as you mentioned.

I'm still waiting for the master of BIOS especially in Acer board to give his/her solution.

Thanks for your suggestion...

Anyone else?

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