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Freezing Screen in Cod world at War-=(

Guest alex

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allright i have the Geforce 8600m gt 512mb and up to 1280, and i did update it to the lastest version on this side= 180.70 wista 32. But when i play Cod WaW it somtimes freezes the screen. I had the same problem when i was playing cod 4 but then i updated my card to the lastest at that time and that worked fine and it stills works with no problems. But it freezes in Cod WaW.

Anybody know which driver who is the best to 8600m gt 512 mb on thi side ? or do anybody know somekind of solution?

i hope someone know what to do. Btw i have a friend with the same geforcee 8600m gt, and cod Waw and it do the same. please help

thanks to the person who can give a solution to this=) sorry for the bad english=)

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install a new driver. the 180 series is very buggy and this will more than likely be the cause of your issues. maybe 179.14 would work well.

hope that helps.

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