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v180.84 Windows XP 32bit | NVIDIA

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That's why you need the modded inf.

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Guest Phoenix28

I have a 8600m GT (Acer 5920) and the driver works fine for me... i dont get any bsod or errors in gta, steam, or cp... but i removed the old drivers,restarted the computer, cleaned registry etc, installed these to get them working (updating got me 8bit colors and 640x480 :) )...

now like i said.. they works fine...but i get only a +5-7 fps in gta4 :) , but i noticed a +15 fps in NFS Undercover :P

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Hello i managed to get 180.84 running on my laptop (8600 gt) and i noticed a fps gain of +11 in gta4 and in call of duty 4 i have some improvements too.

This is how to do it:

1. Download the drivers that dox realeased you can get them from here:


2. Select performance in the installation.

3. Download rivatuner i used 2.20 i recommend to use that as it is the newest version.

4. Click on the arrow next to to customize under driver settings and click on reset all drivers to their default value.

5. Restart pc and you wont get the bsod and you maybe notice some fps improvement.

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Even with the dox drivers release?

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this driver sucks(better wait for the NONE BETA ONE). Aleg999 all new driver support de 8x serie, for make them work on lapy you must download the mod ini that is on the first page of the topic. Each driver has it`s own mod ini. I recomend 180.70 as last WORKING DRIVER Xd, na this one works but it makes ma laptop to freeze a couple of time and that never happend with any driver ( and i have used lotss) so i recomend 180.70, besides this one are supouse to be optimized for gta4 and there is little improvement. well cya. for relatek driver use google xD

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First version of this driver was the best driver I have ever seen. L4D performance is amazing. Finally I get very good FPS from COD4. Also other games runs fine.

Now I'm gonna try the second version.

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i got freezes (more than once) :)

every time i install fw v180xx... i dont no why.

i got 7700 go n now using v179xx...

is it the series? havent change the extend fies though... does the earliest v180.xx had the extention missing??

coz ive used the earliest v180...

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I have a problem with the 180.84 driver. I am using the 8600M GT. The standby-mode doesn't work. When i close the laptop-display, the laptop turns into the standby-mode. When i open the laptop, the fans are starting, but the display is black. Sometimes the laptop freezes. Have you got a solution for this problem, or can you tell me a driver-version that works with the standby-mode.


greezes piaggiorider

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Thanks for the drivers but I want to install it on my laptop using a 8600M GT

But i don't know how to install them i checked previous pages but i don't get it :)

Could some give me advice how to install them

Thanks in advance!

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