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v180.84 Windows XP 32bit | NVIDIA

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After some manipulations ive loaded GTA 4 and with your drivers it works perfectly. Just wanted to say thank you for your job. Not so many people interested in helping other people but you are a grate man. I wish you luck and happiness in new year.

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Also das Problem, dass meine Karte nicht erkannt wird konnte behoben werden.

Nur gibts ein neues:

ein bisschen später in der Installation heißt es dann: Fehler beim Kopieren nvdispsr.dll konnte nicht gefunden - Stellen sie sicher, dass der angegebene Pfad richtig ist...

danach findet er die nvgamesr.dll,nvmccssr.dll,nvmoblsr.dll,nvvitvsr.dll,nvwssr.dll nicht.

frohes neues

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i completely did not notice i was writing that in german..duh

well i could solve the problem of my card not bein recognized. but there appear others when installing the drivers: error when copying-nvdispsr.dll could nt be found, please make sure that the path is right...

and afterwards igually cant be found the nvgamesr.dll,nvmccssr.dll,nvmoblsr.dll,nvvitvsr.dll,nvwssr.dll

are those necessary, any solution?

happy new year

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error when copying-nvdispsr.dll could nt be found, please make sure that the path is right...


Setup cannot copy the file nvdispsr.dll

Ensure that the location below is correct, or

change it and insert 'NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Driver

Library Installation Disk 1' in the drive you specify

The directory specified is the extracted files from the 180.84 exe

It then does the exact same thing as the other files Guest ^^ lists: nvgamesr.dll, nvmccssr.dll, nvmoblsr.dll, nvvitvsr.dll and nvwssr.dll

If I cancel on each one of these, it doesn't mind ... but, I'm not sure my machine's running well.

I've had one graphics crash after only a couple of hours, but that might also be overstressing... or not. :)

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