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is HD2400XT replaceable with 8600GT ?


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hi :)

Laptop is acer extensa 5620G

with the radeon HD2400XT video card, exactly like this one,


but with 256MB ( with two more memory chips on the top of the card )

can it be replaced with MXM-II compatible cards ( like 8600GT ) ?

PS : there is a record on the bios screen for "video bios ver."

thanks very much

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if you don't have thermal pads for the 2 above ram chips, the safest you can use is anything with DDR2, they don't really need any thermal pads, but anything with DDR3, you NEED them. I have a 8600m GT 512MB, another 8600m GS 256MB, both with Acer bios and DDR2 for sale, which will fit your case perfectly, $250 for the GT, $150 for the GS (prefer payment by paypal)

Contact me @ morrismurphy@gmail.com if you are interested.

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oh, forgot, the price is in CAD, so about $200USD for GT, $100 USD for GS, and shipping cost is not included, you may request a shipping insurance.

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thanks for the reply, Morris

so, the laptop is MXM compatible ...

i want to be sure so i wouldnt buy a card then get a blank screen !

there are heatsinks for the ram chips

here is a picture of the card fitted in



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I have test this card in my Aspire 5920, it works, I also fix the downclocking problem in the BIOS for this card,

it looks like you have the ram heatsink for both sides of the ram chips, but I don't think you should worry, if you don't overclock, there is not need for ram chips to be cool on stock 400MHz, i used to run my 8600m GT(256MB) without any cooling for the RAM, but only for the core, I was still able to overclock to 465MHz for the memory without any problems, but if I use the thermal pads(for it to conduct to the heatsink) then it can probably go over 500MHz.

Like i mentioned, this card will do fine in your machine, it is directly FROM ACER, with Acer bios too, there is no need to do bios flashing.

Just email me at morrismurphy@gmail.com about which card you want, the 8600 GS and GT is in stock, I can also order in the 9600m GT DDR3(512MB) but that card is about $350CAD, too much, and not much performence over a 8600m GT.

Let me know though email, thank you for your cooperation.

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