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I've got the 9600M GT on Vista 64. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the latest driver is the 180.70... I have a driver released by HP in August, the version listed in the device manager is: ""

Basically, I am aiming to run GTA 4 at a better pace.

I'm wondering whether there are any reliability issues with installing a driver not provided for by the manufacturer (HP in my case)? Is this something to worry about - should I wait until the manufacturer releases the update? What happens when the manufacturer releases a driver update? Will I have to roll back in order to install their release?

Are these updates inclusive of the previous ones - or do I have to download each one separately?

If I should install a new driver outside of the manufacturer's release, how would I go about doing it? I tried to download 180.70 but I'm not sure what to do with the INF file which we are advised to download separately and there appear to be a number of separate setup exe. files in the folder - I tried using one of them but it said "setup could not locate any drivers compatible with my software"....

Thanks for the help.

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The driver won't harm your computer in any way so don't worry about drvers being NON WHQL certified.

As for installing drivers with the INF file here is what you do.

When you extract the driver, move the modded INF file nv_disp into the driver folder that you extracted, replacing the previous one. When asked to overwrite annything just click ok. Then click on setup.exe (should be the installshield one).

good luck!!

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