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Best drivers for 8600GT 512MB in GTA IV

Guest Kovar

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Hello, I want to play GTA IV on my laptop, but in my default resolution I have only 10-14fps

My default settings:

Resolution 1440x900

Medium textures

Highest render quality

I am using drivers 180.84dox(alternative).

So I had to use lower resolution 1024x680

I have now 20-30fps, it's runing very good.

But I want to play in native resolution 1440x900, because in 1024x680 it's not looking very nice.

What are the best drivers for 8600GT 512MB?

And have you any idea for better result?

Thank you. Kovar

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I don't think any driver would make the game playable on your desired settings. You can either play in higher res with lower quality or overclock your GPU.

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yeah thats a tough one. to play at your 'ideal' settings, you'll need to upgrade your laptop. (which will probably mean buying a new one)

8600 GT is a good card, but wont be able to do what you want with GTA4

overclocking will give a few FPS higher like claw stated. so you might want to look at that option.

rivatuner, EVGA percision, ntune, ati tool: Those are the tools to overclock. chose one.

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