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Texture Corruption 7950GTX


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I have a GeForce Go 7950 GTX in my Dell M1710. My first card (7900 GT) had the video ram fail, so I replaced it with this one. The card runs between 53 C (idle) and 65 C (games), which seems fine to me.

However, recently, if I let the computer power off the display, then load a game or even Media Center, the textures get all corrupted. This can't be fixed by putting the computer to sleep and waking it up, I have to reboot. However, after the reboot, the games all work fine.

The corruption looks just like what my old card did shortly before it failed, except my old card had that corruption at all times, including on the desktop and in the BIOS. When corrupted on the screen, if I take a screenshot (with FRAPS), the screenshot is fine. Running the games in Windowed mode eliminates the corruption, as does running them in full screen on an external monitor. But if I move them back to the LCD, they are corrupted again. Finally, for some reason, turning on Anti Aliasing eliminates the corruption. Again, none of this shows up until the system has powered off the display then turned it back on.

Is my video card about to fail (again :) ), or is this a driver problem? I am kind of stumped here.

Oh: driver version 175.32, but 174.31 had the same problem


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yeah i have virtually the same rig as you and i also expirence strange texture corruption on my LCD. =/

i bough this laptop for about $1000 off a guy a few months ago

idk if you are getting the same thing that im getting but like, during the map load screen in BF2 JUST before "join game" appears the screen "scrambles" and gets all screwy, but once the join game button apears its like nothing ever happened O_o

nothing was overclocked, everything was STOCK


i have also seen a quick "scramble" of my deaktop but that was only once, i havent noticed it happen for a long time =p

comp runs fine, games run amazing, chips stay cool with help of my fan dock system

anyone know what could be causing it?

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It looks like part of your Video Ram corruption. If your GPU was failing, then you wouldn't get a display at all, just lines and artis'.

Try running in Safe Mode and see if you get the same problem, if you do, then its a VRAM corruption.

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