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Far Cry 2 Performance

Guest teddydresden

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Guest teddydresden


just bought far cry 2 but I get really bad FPS (<30) even when I go from ultra high to very high quality. From what Ive heard it should run much better on my system:

- C2D @ 2.4 GHz (P8600)

- 9800M GTS 512 MB DDR3

- 2 GB Ram

- Driver: 180.44 (from here)

The small ranch benchmark test gives me an average of 21 FPS for ultra high and 30 FPS for very high.

In the very beginning of the game (jeep ride) I get 15 FPS with ultra high and 20-27 with very high.

Dont wanna reduce details further unless I can be sure its not something driver/whatever related.

Anyone experienced the same or can give advice?

Thanks a lot!

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When i had a 9800 gt i found 180.70 to be better than 180.44 drivers and i got about 30 fps at ultra high (1920 * 1200) but i think the desktop version of the card is better. But now i get 60+ fps at ultra high (1920 * 1200)with my gtx 260 :)

also are you overclocking?

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Guest teddydresden

no i am not overclocking. my system is rather new so i dont wanna oc now.

i think the mobile 9800 performs about the same as the desktop 8800 gs/gt/gts (dont know exactly which ending) and desktop benchmarks with that card showed better results as I get.

I could try the 180.70 driver but I cannot imagine I get a boost of more than maybe 3 FPS.

PS: after I installed the 180.44 driver I also disabled the nvidia Powerminimizer so that cannot be the cause.

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its disabled which gave me a good performance boost aleady.

my 3dmark06 score with default setting at 1280x1024 is 9200, which I think is ok given that my cpu is not the fastest.

any further ideas or is fc2 really so demanding? the graphics are pretty sweet indeed.

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