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Input-Interface-Scroll lag?

Guest Gnu

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I experience a problem that is really anoying. And I wonder if there are any solutions or if there is a driver that has less of this problems.

Or at least someone eplains to me, why this happens.

I have a ASUS G50V Laptop (9700M GT)

If I move windows with a lot of things in em, it feels like they are connected to the Mousepointer with a rubberband.

Same goes for fast scrolling in webpages, that have a lot pictures and other things on them.

More anoying is, that this happens also in games. Fast turning feels like the camera is "rubberbanded" too.

Increasing the graphic level worsenes this effect.

What wonders me is, that the frames per second remain high.

I mean, if I use a high level of Antialaising the frames per second are still 50-60 but the camera movement is so sluggish that its impossible to play.

Also activating shadows extremely rubberbands. (with still far over 30 FPS)

I play WOW (but other games show this effect too. Even vista itself, but I told you).

The game has a funtion called "reduce input lag". If I check this, the rubberbanding is sometimes (not always) a little bit improved but my FPS go down from 60 to 20.

Wonder if there is anything in between? I mean this is both unacceptable. Chosing between extremely sluggy 60 and slightly sluggy 20... bah

Reducing resolution helps somewhat but even on 800x600 I experience extreme sluggy 60s if AA is high or shadows are on.

I already turned off powermizer with a tool and in regedit and reduced prerendered frames to 1 (also tried 0)

I tried several drivers. Amoung them 179.14, 180.70 and 180.84

Any experience with this?

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sounds like the driver. i got that with some versions too. with new releases it seems fine. i see you have tried a few drivers. try a WHQL one. iwll more than likely sovle that problem

176.92 is WHQL and works real well with bluray so may fix this issue

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