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Dox Optimised 180.84


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A number of fixes and improvements to the new installer and drivers since public beta.

I recommend users who had problems with my public beta try these since I found a few bugs.

Drivers are available in all flavours, make sure you download the right one for your OS.

I've made some internal changes from 180.70 as well:

-Drivers are now called [Dox Optimised]

-Changed the tweaks slightly

-Drivers are now extracted to C:\XP_Dox_18084 etc so manual driver setup file deletion is required.

-Includes option to install drivers for higher performance

Release Highlights

-Based on re-released 180.84 beta

-Supports all mobile gpus from 6 - GT100 series and quadro equivalent

-Added extra resolutions not found on original set

-Added Image quality and performance tweaks

-No GTA IV texture corruption with my tweaks

-Highly optimised drivers

Full Changes

-Added support for all mobile GPUs 6 - GT100 series and quadro equivalent
-Removed all desktop support
-Added numerous Direct X and OpenGL performance tweaks 
-Set MipMap level for optimum performance and image quality
-Added compatibility tweaks for older games
-Added tweaks to help reduce stuttering in games
-Added extra resolutions not found on original set
-Optimised the Nvidia driver service
-Improved responsiveness of Nvidia control panel

-Fixed GTA IV texture issue

-English language release only
-Removed helps files
-Removed language files
-Removed Nview and its associated files and reg enteries (XP Only)
-Removed NVcolor.exe (XP only)
-Removed Nvidia tray icon (XP only)
-Removed Nvidia Stereovision  (Vista only)
-Removed unnesseccary reg enteries made by Nvidia

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you can post your feedback here: Support Thread

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