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LAN connection help!


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Hey all! I didn't know where else to put this and this is the only computer... y... site I know of and check regularly :) ..

Here's what's up:

First, I had my comp set up with my XBox 360 and all was fine, I'd just gotten TVersity to work and all was good! I enabled ICS on my wireless connection to my laptop, and used a cross over network cable to connect my comp up to the XBox.

Then one day (2 days after I'd gotten it to work Razz) I was watching something off it when all of a sudden my computer went DONG (the error noise windows makes...) and it all stopped working... since then all attempts to make it work again have resulted in epic fail.

It seems that my computer is now unable to assign IP addresses or something...

This has happened yesterday too when I tried to fix my mate's laptop and his laptop couldn't get an IP either.

So my question is this: Why would it work one minute then refuse to work the next? It truly is baffling :S

For the record I'm also using Kaspersky IS 9.

Oh and I need ICS so my 360 can get on LIVE.


Thanks in advance!!

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