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Orca and Toshiba VAP


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I wanted to install the Toshiba Value Added Package which was designed for my Vista laptop (which I downgraded to XP), to work on my new installation of XP. So no surprise, the installer wouldn't let me continue with the installation. So just to see if it was possible, I used Orca to edit the .msi file and delete the launch condition that wouldn't let me install. I found and deleted it and saved the new .msi file and the installation worked... till the end when everything was registered. It gave the error "ID_ERR_NOTINSTALLVALZ_MESSAGE". I've tried to find where in the .msi this error is called upon or maybe its some symbolic link? Something like "ID_ERR_[errorXXX]_MESSAGE. Does anyone have any ideas? Check attachments for visuals.






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thats a good effort. unfortunately it goes a lot deeper than modifying a few files. even it it installs sucessfully, i doubt it will run. vista has a lot of code differences in the kernal system itself. so i'd be very surprised if it worked.

i tried to do a similar thing with my asus with XP. the overclocking software only ran on vista so i made some changes and to cut the story short... had to reinstall XP (which i skipped and just went with vista) clocked my system down to lowest voltage and multiplyer.

so to answer your question... no i dont know how you can solve this problem. be interested if someone can offer some advice though.

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Hi skj005,

Sorry to wake this thread but are you try to drop first row ?


I'm not sure but error message is probably that. As we say in your country. "Qui ne tente rien n'a rien"


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