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gta iv quite laggy


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Hey there guys, I've been trying out gta iv and it's quite laggy.

I think my system should handle the game pretty well so Im wondering if it could be the drivers that are causing this.

I have a Nvidia Gforce 9500m gs card forceware 178.24 driver.

Is there any later driver I can use? Rockstar games have announced that they recommend 180+ drivers

I'm using directx9 too... Could upgrading to directx10 solve my problem?


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Firstly, GTA4 doesn't even use DirectX10. Secondly, it is a very demanding game both with CPU and GPU.

It is no surprise you have lag/low FPS, because people with better systems than you do.

Claw is right, give Dox's 180.84 a try. Don't expect much, as you will realise if you look at a site like gtaforums.com.

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What about the patch Rockstar announced last week?

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hehe guys....

Rockstar announced that the game was actually made for next-gen pc's, so it's pretty normal laptops can't run the game on max or very smooth.

I myself am playing the game on possibly the lowest settings with a resolution of 800x600....

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Rockstar must have been eating lead or something similar because designing a game for PCs that don't exist yet does not sell games very well (see Crysis)

Obviously they got lazy with optimisation... thats why I'm avoiding Rockstar games (GTA SA is similarly poorly optimised)

So to OP, you will get vomit graphics and eh.. FPS regardless of patch, DX10, drivers etc.

Oh and Rockstar lied about minimum and recommended specs, recommended should be the minimum, and minimum should be morbid disappointment.

*end of rant*

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