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NVidia Go 7600 screen flashing + graphical glitches


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Hi, after installing Windows XP on my notebook, this problem happened to me

When I log in, screen starts flashing (it goes dark and then image pops up back, like it's turning off and on again). Also some weird graphical glitches appeared. It was really excessive and drivers from hp support page didn't work. So I tried to give the laptop back to the shop but they told me it's just my inability to install proper drivers and installed theirs (for a nasty fee). They didn't want to tell me what drivers they installed, they just gave me program Double Driver so I backed up my drivers and everything worked.

Year later (now) I had to reinstall the system and the problem is back. Even though the program from the shop restores all drivers, it fixes nothing. So I tried searching for a solution to this really hard and found some recommended drivers of which the last one I tried partially worked (it's the one on my system right now - NBF_MobileForce_XP_174.31).

With the driver the screen turns off and on just in couple of minutes on random occasions. Which is really annoying. Also, there are still graphical glitches (the same as I mentioned before). It's quite hard to describe them for me (english is not my first language) but I'll try: When I move a window, on the left and right sides of it appear few rows of defective pixel lines (mostly in red and black colors, but sometimes inverted colors) followed by freezing whole screen, turning it off and on and then I see parts of the window stuck around and window itself is few seconds unable to render. Then screen flashes few times and the window renders and everything goes normally for few minutes or it just goes for insane flashing and I have to reboot my computer.

In 3D games, graphics is completely broken, instead of textures mostly black flashing rectangles, graphical glitches in free space around characters, everything just plain wrong.

Also, now I can't set higher refreshing rate than 60Hz (there is just no option for other than 60Hz rate in the settings), so the screen is killing my eyes (I can see pulsing waves going from bottom to up).

I tried quite everything, but now I just ran out of ideas (after numerous reinstalls of the system and tens of drivers // I even tried Windows Vista but everything was even worse) and I don't want to go back to the shop, leaving there computer for 2 weeks and paying them for just installing the right driver.

Have any of you had this problem or do you have any suggestions please?

my specs are:

HP Pavilion dv8336ea

GeForce Go 7600


Intel CPU T2300 @ 1,66GHz

Actual drivers: NBF_MobileForce_XP_174.31

last working: unknown

OS: Windows XP

The NERD log is attached.


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just have a look around here and try different drivers. 179.14 or 180.94 (dox installer) ummm also 176.92

those three would be my pick

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Thank's for replying! :)

I tried 180.84 by dox (the other two are for Vista only, I'm currently running on XP) and initial flash when you log in disappeared. And no random flashing afterwards! Even problems when I try to drag a window around. I tried running Ra3 intro & skirmish and no graphical glitches at all!

But then I tried to play Guild Wars and it still doesn't work. Whole 3D background is excessively flashing from black rectangles to normal landscape and glitches are present as well. Few seconds later whole computer frozen and bsod jumped out followed by immediate restart (so I couldn't read it). On second try when I was taking a screenshot and saving it in MS Paint everything froze and whole screen started to flash really quickly. Third try froze whole system in Gw (no bsod this time) and on fourth I took the screenshot which is in the attachment.

And after I turned off GW, graphical glitches while moving random window are back. After another reboot glitches dissapeared though.

Glitches are so fast that I'm unable to catch them in any screenshot. Yet.


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sorry didnt look at the apart where u said you were running XP

ok.. the next port of call would be to install a WHQL driver. should be a few on here. or do a goole search for your GPU and WHQL. wont need anything else as its ment for your card.

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I tried 180.48 (which worked for about 15 minutes, but then glitches came back), then 180.44, 178.46 (these had much worse effect than 180.48 - excessive flashing and glitches) and few others from here but nothing works. I'll keep downloading and trying other, older drivers but so far I'm not successful.

Also, do you have any ideas what to do about 60Hz refreshion rate? It's too low and Monitor settings in windows nor NVidia Control Panel won't let me set it higher.

UPDATE:178.13, refresh rate still terrible, no flashing, just in GW until I turn off vsync. But still, there's something weird about the image...

I still can't find driver that work reliably

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I successfully stopped bad refreshing rate (suprisingly by ticking off option "Use less energy for display to save battery energy" in NVidia Control Panel <- That's translation from czech to english, I dont know how it's written in english NVidia Control Panel). It's still 60Hz, but pusing waves are gone and I can atleast keep looking at my screen for more than 5 minutes.

Well, when I tick off this option, excessive flashing (screen turning off/on) reappears. So I suspect this whole problem has something to do with 3D settings in NVidia Control Panel. So I'll try to fiddle with these.

Any tips what to turn off/on in 3D settings to help me?

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Maybe it has something to do with OpenGL, because when I try to run A Vampyre Story, all I can see is loading screen with rising progress bar and when it gets full, black screen with lots of glitches appears and music starts to play.

After that, it crashes to windows with an error 12 about OpenGL:

"The NVIDIA OpenGL Driver encountered an unrecoverable error

and must close this application.

Error 12"

This happens everytime I try to run the game, I reinstalled graphoc driver few times while I'm trying to run it.

Seems like only thing I'm capable to do on this machine now is surfing the web with forced reboots every 20 minutes or reading documents in pdf. :)

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