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Blue flashing lines on my Sager 9262 during games with sli turned on


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I 'm having issues with blue lines flickering on my screen whenever I'm playing games with sli on so far I have tested it with EVE online, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, and World in Conflict with all of them displaying the issue. I'm thinking that it might be a driver related issue. I was beating my head against the wall for awhile because I couldn't get any of the downloads here to work. Until I read the faq, and then I smacked my head against the wall again because I wasn't installing the modded .inf file to begin with. Odd thing is though, I actually got the 180.40 to install without the modded .inf file.

Anyway, my card has cuda and is physx ready... so I really wasn't sure which one to get. Can anyone help?

Specs are:

Sager 9262 (based on a clevo 901c if it makes a difference)

3.0ghz core 2 quad

4gb 800mhz ram

2x 9800m gtx card

vista ultimate 64bit

My current driver version is 176.09

I'll try to get that info dump from nerd when I get home if it'll help...

edit: I entered a support ticket with sager, I'm almost certain the best they will be able to do is rma since I'm on their most up to date driver (irony since it's from august but that's what this site is all about right?)

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