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hello, Im interested in undervolting my GPU (geforce 9500m Gs), because I want to decrease idle and burn temperatures. i dont need high voltage, because i dont overclock my card.

Is there anybody who know, how much can I decrease voltage to work stable on default clocks? And how much does temperature decrease? - I have already undervolted my CPU T3400 - 0,15V (1,2125V to 1,0625V at 13x multiplier) and now it is 10C cooler.


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Hey DoX

I registered here to ask if I could use your "low level GPU overclocking guide" as a basis for a guide on GPU undervolting (by flashing) that I am working on that I will post on the Notebookreview forums

The main thing is the part about creating a bootable disk, as I will mostly use your instruction for this part.

It will be adapted, rephrased, and I will mention you and this guide at the end along with a link to this guide.

I will also use my own screenshots

Hope I have your permission, this is the guide BTW :)

Look forward to hearing from you

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