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Dell XPS M1730 Blu-Ray Issue


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I'm currently using a Dell XPS M1730 with sli 8800GTX cards with a Blu-ray Burner drive. Was using the standard dell graphic card drivers for awhile and blu-rays worked as fine as they can be but games i play such as World of Warcraft suffered from major glitches like every 5 secs my screen would pause.

Upgrading to driver version 180.84 Vista, my World of Warcraft is running very smooth as it should be with my current setup. Only issue i'm having now is that my blu-rays dont play at all anymore because my player is saying that i dont have the correct graphic drivers.

I'm sure a lot of Dell XPS users have or have had these same issues, so i'm just wondering if there is a workaround to getting this to work right.

I've searched all over the net but have found no solutions to my problem

Any advice is good advice, thanks people

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But as soon as you use a modded inf, it breaks the whql, so use the driver search function and find the latest whql driver that supports your card natively. That's the only way to legitimately get blu-ray working unfortunately.

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it is NOT about WHQL, it is about the modded inf made on this site, they are the cause of the bluray or hd-dvd not playing, to get it working, just add the device id and name to the ORIGINAL inf came with the driver package, then install it. it will still say not WHQL, but it works!

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Both Claw and morris are quite right. Modifying an inf file by tweaking settings and making performance higher than the driver usually is, also cancels out blueray support. So using a WHQL driver will always let you use bluray as nothing has been changed (its like a warantee seal on a device), and adding your ID to the list in an INF file will still let you use bluray.

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