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A really crazy slightly off-MXM question. minipcie


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So a bit of a crazy question. Seen any miniPCIe video cards perhaps? I can imagine a GeForce 9200/9300 or ATI Radeon HD3450/30/10 might be possible.

Before people start flaming me semi-appropriately. I am not asking this without some research. Back on miniPCI there was an ATI Rage card made. Furthermore, I have seen the tests of a 9400GT desktop card in a PCIe 1x lane. Its not glorious, but it suggests some... interesting implementations. miniPCIe is a 1x lane, and usb port on the connector--theoretically some systems could have 2 lanes, but I've found no sign that they will be bothering to add this anytime soon.

The old miniPCI card was meant for miniITX motherboards and similar embedded situations. Not notebooks obvously. (As miniPCI nor miniPCIe doesn't route video.)

Alrighty! Well. That's all! I fully acknowledge that I am completely insane... and possible then some. But---let us not forget. Insanity is one of the primary drives of innovation.

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