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Optimizing my new laptop


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1st post! :)

I received yesterday my new laptop, here are the specs:

Compaq Presario CQ60 170EP


15,6 WXGA screen Brightview

Windows Vista Home edition sp1

Pentium Dual core T3200 2.00 Ghz

Nvidia Geforce 9200M GE 256 Vram


Altec lansing sound system

I came up with the following results while playing:

Supreme Commander:


Detail level: High

Vsync: On

Min: 9

Avg: 13

Max: 17

The elder scrolls IV:


Detail level: High

Vsync: on

Bloom lightning: on

Anti aliasing: off

Min: 11

Avg: 16

Max: 21

Vista Aero performance: 3.4

I think something is wrong, shouldn't the FPS in these game be higher? And why the Aero score is so low, even with this kind of specs?

I'm using right now the Nvidia Forceware 179.28 beta drivers, which one would you recommend for this system?

Is it normal that my laptop crashes when every time I try to install nVidia nTune?

Thank you for your precious help!

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9200M GS is just slightly faster than 8400 GS. It has a newer chip, its clocks work at higher frequencies, but it has 2x less shader units. It's made in 65 process so it should also be a little colder and use less energy. I think the results you provided are ok for your card, except the Vista score that's oddly low, my system gets 3.4 aswell and it's slower. But you shouldn't rely on the score because it's not reliable, I'd rather trust 3Dmark06 - you should be getting 1500-2100 points, depending on your other specs and drivers you use.

Overclock it to speed it up a bit.

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Run 3D Mark 06 and then try to install Dox`s Custom 180.84 drivers. Run 3D Mark 06 again with Vista performance tests. Post back with your results before and after changing drivers:)


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Well it looks like the 180.84.1 drivers do not work, the card is not supported. I'm downloading the previous version of DoX's, as well as 3D Mark 06

Another question, is it worthy to have DX10 installed on this laptop with this graphic card? I read somewhere that DX10 wasn't very reliable, at least by now, because there aren't any DX10 base-made games. What do you think?

Edit: My mistake, I finally installed the 180.84 drivers, Aero went from 3.4 to 3.6 and 3D Graphics from 4.6 to 4.7! :) Is there any way to improve the fps I get in those games to higher numbers? I've a 7300GT in my desktop, and it sure gets more FPS than this one on those games... Specially in oblivion!

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lower the settings and resolution and also turn off vsync, it will improve your fps.

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