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looking for a good sli driver for x205-sli3 (8600m gt)


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heeyyy guys , i just dont know which driver should i download i downloaded so many drivers from this website like : 180.70 , 179.28 , 178.08 , 176.60 , 176.37 , 167.43 . and i dint get any good performance .

167.43 was good one for gears of war i could play it one 1280*800 on veryhigh detail on 60fps . i have 4 gb ram .

right now i just want to play Red Alert 3 and i dont know which driver is best ?

and by the way tell me how can i overclock my gpu with which software and how ?

when im downloading the driver should i take a look on support list or not ?

thx a lot. plz help me

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dont know about RA3 but 179.28 is pretty good.

I think it should work well 4 your game tho. dont think there is anything driver specific red aleart needs.

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using a similar system (x205-sli2) with 179.28, no modded inf necessary. works well with:

Guild Wars

Hellgate London


Assassins Creed

Dead Space


:) May Cry 4

Mass Effect

also has PhysX support

oh, and you can OC with Ntune (or nvidia system tools as it is now called)

good luck

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