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Testers required- Dox optimised


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No more testers are required

So no more emails as I won't answer them.

thank you for your intrest to those that emailed me.

Hi all,

I seek beta testers for the official nvidia mobile drivers releases.

Testers are required to test whether my optimisations will break any of original driver's functionality.

This is open to anyone wanting to help :)

Your Roles:

  • Test regularly updated builds of my drivers- I don't want someone to sign up just for the chance to use my latest drivers and then disappear
  • Give constructive feedback on whether functionality of the original is broken with my optimsation techniques.

Who am I looking for:

  • Experienced individual- someone who doesnt ask "how do I?" all the time
  • SLI and single gpu users
  • Users with any mobile 6-9 series gpus
  • Users with any laptop/notebook brand
  • Users with windows OS XP/Vsta 32/64 bit
  • Someone who has used my drivers before

To sign up as a beta tester send me an EMAIL to dox@laptopvideo2go.com

and explaining how you fit the role and your laptop specs, and any other addtional information which may support your application.

I won't start modding drivers until after january.

I will notify sucessful users after as and when I feel I have all the testers I need.


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i have a sager np9262 with a geforce 8800m gtx 512mb. i am running vista x64 sp1.

i have the dox driver 180.84vistax64. when i try to play deadspace, it will not start with a message: the graphiccard does not have the minimum requirements.... with other drivers i can run it, seems like it doesnt recognize the 512mb video ram.... any idea

thanks in advance

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