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Need Help alienware 5550m

Guest Sean

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In short my graphic card from alienware (7600go) for my 5550m died.

I bought one from mac recycle (8600m gt 512mb). Would not work. I tried taking out 1 stick or ram (2 gig left), down grade to bios from 2.07 to v2.06. Every time I turn the computer on, it makes this beep for 2 seconds and the screen would stay blank although the hard drive is spinning. So, can you guys help me.

After talking to MXM.com they said i could use this 3 graphic card. X1800 (too hot), HD 3650, and 8600gt 512 mb, and maybe 8600 GS.

I have always been a fan of nvidia (digital vibrant) and have never used ati stuff. I know they make great product, but I still like Nvidia better. So, if i can help it, I would like to stay with nvidia. SO can you guys help me. Give me a linke to a card that is cheap, easy to install and a trusted site. Or if you have any suggestion, I would love to hear them.

Or if you want to sell me a 7600go as a replacement, I would love to do that too.

In truth I don't like the idea of not being able to use my 4 gig byte of ram (as some people told me that you can't do that with v2.06), so if there are anyway to overcome that, please let me know.

My contact information is..

e-mail : nguoidikcl@yahoo.com

Phone: (409) 960-2662.

Again Thank you the help.

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Not particularly versed on your laptop bios version or mxm cards, so can't give you much info when it comes to specifics, what i can tell you however is that there is quite a repository on ebay so you can try there.

And a merry Christmas to you.


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