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System info - http://www.mpccorp.com/smallbiz/store/desk...entpro_434.html

Hello everyone

i am having problems with upgrading my video card with this system,

Now i bought 2 cards off ebay which are

ATI AMD Graphic X1700 M66 P 256MB MXM II Video VGA Card

NEW MXM II nVidia GeForce 8600M GS Laptop Graphics Card

However they do not work with the system and there is a black screen.

Now both cards had the black screen during power up and the computer was loading as normal according to the hdd activity.

According to the manual which is downloadable if you look around Google it says that it is an mxm 2 upgradeable, the site however which I linked on top has a x1600 as an upgrade option but I cannot find that x1600 card anywhere.

Now I spent around 400-500 all up on both cards, and now they collecting dust on the shelf somewhere, so does anyone know how can I find a list of cards that will work with the system ?

For those wondering, I cannot contact mpc support regarding this since you need to buy off them in order to get support.

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All I could find on that site was "Graphics Integrated Intel GMA 3000 Graphics with up 224MB DVMT Optional ATI Radeon X1700 (128MB & 256MB)" Like you I could not find the x1700 anywhere on their site as a replacement part or any graphics cards for that matter. They did have some x1700's listed in the support section but no bios or P/N #'s available.

My thoughts:

1) The x1700 you have could possibly work with MPC's version of the bios flashed to it.. but I wouldn't count on it.

2) The system bios may need updated to recognize the card.. assuming the x1700 was introduced as an option after

the bios version you have now. (seen a 1.03 version dated 04-14-2008 on the support site)

3) Most likely not gonna happen with no support or direct replacement parts available.

This is all a long shot.. good news is you can resell those cards on Ebay at little to no lose of money if nothing works out.

99% of the time it is not possible to upgrade laptop graphics cards (all in ones included) regardless of misleading info about MXM compatibility. Unless it was an optional upgrade to begin with or the manufacturer releases a mxm card as an upgrade. In your case it seems the x1700 was an option. Getting one from MPC or getting the one you got of Ebay to work will be troublesome if not impossible.

I wish a had the X+Y=working mxm card answer but I don't. Your options seem to be finding some updated 434 system bios and hope that does it (probably not).. finding some MPC x1700 gpu bios and flashing the x1700 card you have (chances of working not good) or getting a x1700 that came out of a MPC all in one 434 (still not making any promises but should work).

Side note: MPC seems to be selling mostly re branded computers.. (Example: discontinued gateway models) I'm not sure what that's all about. I just thought it was interesting as they are located very close to a gateway facility. If they don't build any of their own computers you can bet the support is gonna suck.

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you could've bought a new laptop with 400-500 :)

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Thank you for your reply, a lot of information there.

It seems to be some rather bad luck on my side with all this trouble, I was hoping to get it working using any method possible, though I was reading that using a modified video card bios to work with the system might work but how on earth do you flash a card with only 1 system that goes blank each time =(.

now as for the system itself the bios is indeed the latest version, but what got my attention is that they are re builders of another company brand, does that mean I can hunt for alternative firmwares or methods from that maker instead of relying on mpc for the info ?

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